African American Short Films: Southern Comfort


Captured the lovely image above on my own DVR last weekend.  Very humbling and flattering.  Now on to this weekend’s screenings:

Columbus-Tupelo-W Pnt-Hstn Station: WCBI / CBS Date: 12/02 Time: 1:05AM

Odessa-Midland Station: KPEJ / FOX Date: 12/02 Time: 4:00AM

Beaumont-Port Arthur Station: KFCM / CBS Date: 12/03 Time: 1:00AM

Houston Station: KTXH-TV MYTV Date: 12/03 Time: 4:00AM

Milwaukee Station: WITI / FOX Date: 12/03 Time: 1:00PM

Cleveland-Akron (Canton) Station: WEWS/ABC Date: 12/03 Time: 2:00PM

Chattanooga Station: WDSI Date: 12/03 Time: 5:00PM

Lafayette, LA Station: KLFY / CBS Date: 12/03 Time: 11:30PM

Shreveport Station: KMSS/KSHV FOX Date: 12/04 Time: 2:00AM

Reno Station: KOLO/ABC Date: 12/04 Time: 2:00PM

Columbus-Tupelo-W Pnt-Hstn Station: WCBI/CBS Date: 12/05 Time: 4:00AM

Houston, Shreveport, Lafayette: 3 cities I know very well.  It wasn’t all that long ago I was in H-town, catching up with one of my closer childhood cousins.  In an alternate universe I would have chosen to go to Prairie View out of high school, and who knows what my life would have been? Certainly not complaining about the path I chose and the life I’m living though.
Have a great weekend!

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