Batman: Noel


So what happens when you take Batman and his mythology, and apply it to the timeless holiday story, ‘A Christmas Carol’?  The result is ‘Batman: Noel’, a well done hybrid of two very popular stories/characters.

I’m going to assume somewhere down the line you’ve seen at least one version of A Christmas Carol so you know all the basics of that story.  In this adaptation, Batman/Bruce Wayne is the Ebenezer Scrooge.  Part of the fun of this graphic novel is seeing who from the Batman mythology takes on the roles of Christmases Past, Present, and Future, so no spoilers from me in that regard.  This book is ‘written’ by Lee Bermejo, who also did a well received comic last year, ‘Joker’.  As in that book, the characters in ‘Noel’ all take on a ‘realistic’ look.  The influence of Nolan on the Batman character has extended well into the comic book universe.

I won’t go as far as others and give this one ‘instant classic’ status, but it’s a worthwhile addition to this ‘Golden Age of Batman’ the character is living in right now.

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