My New Script – HitRECord Style…




The question I get most often from those of you who have tracked my progress is ‘Have you written anything new recently?’  And the answer for most of the past year has been no, for a lot of reasons.  In no particular order, the time and commitment necessary to make a short film, ‘the Actor’ making serious, tangible headway into the Game (more on that front later in the week), and if we’re being honest, inspiration/motivation.

Well, that question can be put off for a while.  I wrote a very short story, that I think would be a nice short film, in live action or animated form.  Or maybe some other artform I haven’t considered yet.  If you want to consider it part of the ‘Malik Anthology’, it’s very much a sequel to ‘Lady in My Life’, albeit set a good five to ten years into the future (at least).  In this story, a father is talking to his child about love, and…I’ll let you take it from there.

It’s posted on Joseph Gordon Levitt’s site,  In other words, my fellow artists, I’m ceding this one over to you to see what you might turn it into.  I actually dig the ‘community collaborative’ element of it, and in time I imagine I’ll jump in from time to time and throw some words onto the projects of people who are looking for that.  But for now, enjoy…

2 thoughts on “My New Script – HitRECord Style…

  1. You’ve done it, again! I will be sharing this the rest of the evening. I can’t say it enough-ya got mad writing skills, Malik!

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