My ‘True Detective’ Audition

The family and friends don’t get to see the millions of middle steps in between ‘here’ and ‘There’ so today and tomorrow’s posts are for you… Here’s the ‘why’: NBC and the American Black Film Festival run a competition called ‘the Star Project’ where the non movie stars among us can audition for the network […]

My New Script – HitRECord Style…

    The question I get most often from those of you who have tracked my progress is ‘Have you written anything new recently?’  And the answer for most of the past year has been no, for a lot of reasons.  In no particular order, the time and commitment necessary to make a short film, […]

The Completely Spoiled Fanboy Dark Knight Rises Review

  Alright, it’s late Sunday night/Monday morning when this goes out, so most of you who were interested has seen The Dark Knight Rises at least once right?  Good!  If you haven’t seen it, leave now.  Friday morning I gave my midnight screening, top level, not ruining anything for any of my friends review, if you’re still reading […]

Golden Globes 2010 Predictions

2010 has gotten off to a crazy start, so I’m posting my Golden Globe predictions to start the week.  I doubt I’ll see any more of the films between now and Sunday, so away we go… Best Screenplay – Motion Picture Who I’d Like to Win: The Hurt Locker.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if […]

500 Days of Summer

  The best movie I think I’ve seen so far this year was The Hurt Locker.  The most entertaining movie I think I’ve seen was 500 Days of Summer.  As the poster, the trailer, and the prologue all indicate, this isn’t a typical romantic comedy.  ‘The Guy’ in this one (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) believes […]