Updated Best TV Shows of the Modern Era

Alright, now that our time with Dick Whitman has ended let’s update the list.  As always, just one man’s opinion: 1. The Wire – And still the Champion of the World!!!!!  Time has made Season 4 (the kids) even more impressive and Season 5 (tying up character arcs, but…the newspaper?) more of an albatross.  As […]

Song of the Day – ‘Body of an American’

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I know some of you had more fun than others. And if you’re going out tonight to have your fun, hey, you only live once. Get drunk if that’s your thing. But seriously, don’t get ‘McNulty drunk’… I’ve heard the word ‘Uber’ thrown around a lot when Friday night […]


  Season 3 of the Wire started me on this path, and as much as I hate to admit it, I’ve taken great joy in watching politics as entertainment.  Which means I enjoyed Lincoln quite a bit. Focusing on the last few months of his life, the movie focuses on Lincoln’s quest to pass the amendment that abolishes slavery. […]

The Chase

This is not a political post, but before I start, I have to acknowledge today’s events… For my non-black friends and readers who mistakenly believe ‘all’ black folks fall on the the same spot on the political spectrum, you are about to see EXACTLY how conservative and/or liberal black folks can be when certain ‘issues’ […]

American Muslim, Volume VII

  A friend across the pond has passions similar to mine so when I got home tonight I shot a quick video promoting our mutual interests.  You can see that below.  The mustache I’m sporting for another week is for Movember; it’s certainly drawn attention to that cause. I guess at the moment I’m socially […]

What are My Favorite Movies?

So awhile back my friend @thecheesefry turned me on to Flickchart, and I promised after I ranked 1000 films (a solid number I think for anyone who calls himself a film geek) that I would post what my favorites are. The question I used when ranking was this, “It’s Sunday afternoon, there is nothing on […]

Cedar Rapids

  My friends at AMC Independent were nice enough to invite me to an Intimate Screening of the film “Cedar Rapids” this week.  The film, which played at this year’s Sundance, stars Ed Helms as a small town insurance salesman sent by his office to represent the company at a convention in the big city. […]