Video of the Day – ‘One Sweet Day’

I’m about…80 percent into ‘Malik X’ mode as the homies call it (bring on Ramadan 2019…) I have a good feeling ‘Avengers: Endgame’ is going to bring me down. I have a good feeling this Sunday’s episode of ‘Thrones’ is going to bring me down even more. So let’s go into the weekend with something […]

Song of the Day – ‘Hey Lover’

  Spinning a lot of plates right now; let me get this music in while I’m thinking about it. Wouldn’t think a sample of ‘Lady In My Life’ would work so well, especially when I didn’t recognize it when this first came out.   But there you go… Enjoy!  

Song of the Day – ‘On Bended Knee’

  In the war for my generation’s R&B soul, I’m well known to be a Jodeci guy. But you have to give Boyz II Men their due. They obviously have made a longer career for themselves with more crossover success (by far).  And they’re great love songs are really great. This is almost certainly their […]

Song of the Day: ‘Little Things’

  I’m starting this week kind of giddy which means you’re getting a (severely underrated) song from ‘the’ upbeat group of my childhood. I mean, really, who else BUT Boyz II Men would have this as the first lyric of any song? ‘When I wanted someone to give me the world/ You accepted me and […]