Song of the Day – ‘On Bended Knee’



In the war for my generation’s R&B soul, I’m well known to be a Jodeci guy.

But you have to give Boyz II Men their due. They obviously have made a longer career for themselves with more crossover success (by far).  And they’re great love songs are really great.

This is almost certainly their best song/video 1-2 punch.  Great song on its own regard right?  But this absolute Murderer’s Row of leading ladies for this one: Lark Voorhies, Victoria Rowell, Kim Fields, and Renee Jones?  Every guy I grew up with had a major jones for at LEAST 2 of these 4 ladies.

‘Can we go back to the days our love was strong?’


Man, I must be getting sentimental in my old age…I definitely get this emotion more often now than any of Jodeci’s trying to be good guys stuff.


Wait a minute…

Is…Is Nate wiping away a tear at the very end of the video after Regine takes him back?!?  YOU DAMN CUPCAKE!!!! GET OUTTA HERE!!!!

Prepare yourselves for some Jodeci to take you into the weekend tomorrow!!!!



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