A Man Provides

Been rewatching Breaking Bad.  Still an all-timer, but I’m a little less enthralled this time around (away from the hype I guess.)  But still more Hall of Fame scenes and sequences than most shows will ever get. Speaking of… A lot of us remember Giancarlo cutting his teeth in Spike’s early films, so it was a […]

Updated Best TV Shows of the Modern Era

Alright, now that our time with Dick Whitman has ended let’s update the list.  As always, just one man’s opinion: 1. The Wire – And still the Champion of the World!!!!!  Time has made Season 4 (the kids) even more impressive and Season 5 (tying up character arcs, but…the newspaper?) more of an albatross.  As […]

Updated: My 5 Favorite TV Dramas

  Alright, I’ve watched the finale twice.  Just my personal opinion (like everybody else), but here’s my list for the best TV dramas in this ‘Golden Age.’ 1. The Wire I’m not Whitlock, but I do agree this one still stands alone.  I know even among Wire nerds I liked season 2 (the working class) more than […]

Thoughts from a Long Weekend…

  The ‘Sunday’ post is coming a day late but let’s briefly address this serious dark cloud hanging over us first… Syria.  Man… Everything in me, from every angle, is saying ‘I have a bad feeling about this.’  As I write this, Congress hasn’t co-signed yet, but Senator McCain came out today and made it […]