The ‘Sunday’ post is coming a day late but let’s briefly address this serious dark cloud hanging over us first…

Syria.  Man… Everything in me, from every angle, is saying ‘I have a bad feeling about this.’  As I write this, Congress hasn’t co-signed yet, but Senator McCain came out today and made it sound like it was just a technicality at this point.  So much information still none of us really have.  We’ve been down this road before, and at least Obama and Kerry were wise enough to make reference to Iraq in the lead up to this.  We’re still very, very early on, but I guess we’ll have to sit back and see where this is going…

Now in lighter fare, Johnny Football…as much as I instinctively don’t want to like you…your refusal to just shut up and be a ‘good soldier’ is now making me admire you every so slightly.  The ‘money’ taunt this weekend; I can’t lie, that was straight out of the pro wrestling heel playbook and laughed when I saw it.  I say go all out at this point.

I’m trying to sit on my Breaking Bad prediction until right before the last episode (since so much is happening every week now).  But at this point, can we all agree we want Jesse to ‘win’?  Whatever winning ends up being when the smoke clears in this mess?  I don’t even know what that is myself, all I know right now, with respect to my writing friends, is that next Emmy season no other show needs to waste time entering nominees for Best Writing in the TV Drama category.  They haven’t nailed the ending (yet), but this lead up has been as good as any other ‘great’ show in recent memory.

Earlier today, Time Warner and CBS ended their beef, meaning no one in LA is missing any NFL regular season games.  File that one under THE MOST PREDICTABLE ENDING OF ALL TIME.

No song today, but I do feel I owe you some type of video to start your week.  So…here you go.