Song of the Day – ‘Scenario’



I finally caught the Bo Jackson 30 for 30 last night on Instant Netflix.  I obviously have a terrible bias here as someone who was in Royals Stadium on some of those nights, but I have to say that one goes on the list of ‘favorites’ for me.  I thought it captured Bo’s spirit really well.  Serious but doesn’t take himself too seriously (the Nike campaign), dedicated but also not obsessed to the point that he couldn’t have a happy life when his athletic career ended.  We hear so many horror stories that I think my favorite part was seeing him in his mancave chilling making arrows.  The country boy is who he is when all the glitz and glamour is gone.  Again, I admit my bias, but…I really, really dig that.

Anyway here’s how we go into the holiday weekend.  ‘Bo knows this.  And Bo knows that…’  Still one of the greatest rap records ever.

Enjoy the long weekend!  Back Monday night.

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