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Here are the nominees for Best Actress in a Leading Role:

Cate Blanchett – Carol

Brie Larson – Room

Jennifer Lawrence – Joy

Charlotte Rampling – 45 Years

Saoirse Ronan – Brooklyn

Who Should Win: Cate has been here. You can kind of feel the people are wearing on J.Law.  No more ‘Hunger Games’ helps, but she may need to do the Natalie Portman/Anne Hathaway ‘lay low’ move for a minute (and she’s still really young which is part of it).  Brie should win here.

Who I’m Not Cheering For: Charlotte Rampling.

Who I’m Cheering For and Who Will Win: She’s paid her dues (which actors love) and from the Q&A I went to, she seems to have remain grounded from all the years before this.  Brie Larson.

Here are the nominees for Best Actor in a Leading Role:

Bryan Cranston – Trumbo

Matt Damon – the Martian

Leonardo Dicaprio – the Revenant

Michael Fassbender – Steve Jobs

Eddie Redmayne – the Danish Girl

Who Should Win: By degree of difficulty…it should be Redmayne going back to back right? That might be my Method bias…

Who I’m Not Cheering For: Matt Damon

Who I’m Cheering For and Who Will Win:




So here’s my point of view so you’ll know how to read this one.  Not the biggest monster movie buff, not the biggest B movie buff.  Also, this is ‘Godzilla’, so there’s no way to really ‘spoil’ this one if you haven’t seen it yet right?

The short version is I (and the audience I saw it with and the box office bears this out) thought this was MUCH better than the last time they tried to update/modernize/Americanize this flick.  The human element this time is filled out by Bryan Cranston (and I’ll be honest, that’s what pulled my casual interest into seeing this opening night) as the scientist who knows something’s ‘amiss’, and Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the young married couple who carry the human element through most of the film.  It’s not much and I know that’s one of the biggest gripes I’ve heard coming out of the film.  But if you really think Hollywood is putting the necessary money into making a respectable Godzilla flick and NOT trying to throw some Hollywood elements in there, you’re not paying close enough attention.

As far as the money scenes go (Godzilla vs. the monsters), I personally thought they were awesome.  Special effects obviously, but done the way special effects SHOULD be used.  Not so distracting you feel like you’re watching a video game, but solid enough you’re all in on the ridiculousness of it all.

Can ‘monster movies’ pick up some of the fatigue I think we’re all getting from super hero oversaturation?

Now that’s a good question…

Batman: Year One


The latest animated feature from Warner Bros. Animation is a very faithful recreation of the classic comic, ‘Batman: Year One.’

(In the interest of full disclosure I’ll tell you that I’ve met the director of this film, Sam Liu, and talked briefly about the Batman.  Not on any kind of business thing, just one of those ‘Hollywood is really just a small town that’s centered around TV and mvoies type of thing.’  He’s a friend of a friend.  Now having gotten that out of the way, if you really think that chatting briefly and non-chalantly with the director of the film would bias me toward any favoritism toward this particular character, I don’t…I just can’t…)

For those unfamiliar, the comic ‘Batman: Year One’ is very true to the title: a 25 year old Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham after years away with plenty of methods to fight crime but missing…’something’.  At the same time, young Lieutenant James Gordon arrives in Gotham with a pregnant wife and a reputation as a good cop trying to survive in a horribly corrupt police department.  If these beats (and others in the story) are familiar, Chris Nolan borrowed a lot of the story points from this comic for both of his excellent Batman films.

So how does the animated film measure up?  Quite well in my opinion.  The most notable difference to me (as someone very familiar with the comic) is that the ‘voiceover’ of the comic has been pretty much taken out.  It was a great choice; for the most part the audience experiences the story in ‘real time’ with Gordon and Bruce.  The biggest name in the voice acting by Bryan Cranston (‘Breaking Bad’) as Lieutenant Gordon, as the true ‘star’ of the story I think he did well with the idea of what we all imagine the future Commissioner to sound like after so many interpretations. There’s another nice ‘in joke’ where certain dolls from the comic have clearly been replaced by characters owned by Warner Brothers, but that’s only noticeable if you know the comic.

As far as Warner’s animated films go, I’d put this behind ‘Under the Red Hood’ in terms of quality.  Highly recommend if you haven’t ever read the comic.

‘Batman: Year One’ is out now on Blu-Ray/DVD, ITunes and On-Demand on certain cable outlets (like mine).