So here’s my point of view so you’ll know how to read this one.  Not the biggest monster movie buff, not the biggest B movie buff.  Also, this is ‘Godzilla’, so there’s no way to really ‘spoil’ this one if you haven’t seen it yet right?

The short version is I (and the audience I saw it with and the box office bears this out) thought this was MUCH better than the last time they tried to update/modernize/Americanize this flick.  The human element this time is filled out by Bryan Cranston (and I’ll be honest, that’s what pulled my casual interest into seeing this opening night) as the scientist who knows something’s ‘amiss’, and Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the young married couple who carry the human element through most of the film.  It’s not much and I know that’s one of the biggest gripes I’ve heard coming out of the film.  But if you really think Hollywood is putting the necessary money into making a respectable Godzilla flick and NOT trying to throw some Hollywood elements in there, you’re not paying close enough attention.

As far as the money scenes go (Godzilla vs. the monsters), I personally thought they were awesome.  Special effects obviously, but done the way special effects SHOULD be used.  Not so distracting you feel like you’re watching a video game, but solid enough you’re all in on the ridiculousness of it all.

Can ‘monster movies’ pick up some of the fatigue I think we’re all getting from super hero oversaturation?

Now that’s a good question…

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