‘Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.’ – Muhammad Ali

Most of you know, looking at my generation or the guys directly before me, I model a lot of my activism on what I always heard about 2Pac: 90 percent of the selfless things that I do, you’ll hear about it way after I’ve left this realm.  To me anyway, that’s a big part of why it’s, you know, ‘selfless’.  But the other 10 percent, when I do things on behalf of organizations I’m involved in, or if it’s with a group that could use your time or money, then I have no problem promoting those things.

This was (ideally) Year One of my work with the BookPALs, one of the programs run by the SAG Foundation.  We (as actors) get paired up with elementary schools, hospitals, museums and the like to read and write and interact with young people to help them develop their own interest and skill level with ‘the language arts’.  For me personally, I was able to be a ‘PencilPAL’ this year, which, if you’re from an older generation, is basically being a pen pal to a young person and talking to them about their school work.  Not a large time commitment, and I’m looking forward to doing more moving forward.

So for my fellow actor friends who are comfortable working with children, it’s a great program I highly recommend.  For more information:

Have a good weekend!

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