Video of the Day – ‘Comedy Reel 2018’

  The comedy stuff I’ve done hasn’t really been consolidated into one piece, until now. My buddy Jeebz likes to edit, so we tried to tone a few of the parts I’ve played over the years into a ‘comedic timing/hit the punchline’ highlight reel. As far as the intro/outro, hand to God, as we were […]

Anatomy of a Great Prank…

  A couple weeks back, I ended up telling one of my friends about the Greatest Prank that by the Grace of God was not pulled on me (and don’t ask, either you know that story or you don’t), then over the weekend another homie sent me this clip which has had me randomly in […]

My Relationship with Natalie Portman (the Musical)

  So how was my first run on an L.A. stage?  It’s been great.  Truly. Earlier this week, I was in more of my natural element: a television soundstage.  12 hour day (usually the minimum), even with digital technology, at least 45 minutes between each setup to (hopefully) capture five minutes of usuable footage. You […]