Natalie Portman: the Musical – the End



I already hate my IPod for going into a John Mayer mix as I write this.   Anyway…

Among the many good to great things that I’ll take away from this calendar year, near the top has to be being a part of Natalie Portman: the Musical.  It’s a funny script written by a talented writer, that really comes alive with a great cast of talented comedians who each brings something to the table.  The reviews have always backed this point up, but it’s true: the best comedians in the world can have off nights, or can write a joke that’s funny on paper, but doesn’t work in a live setting.  Beyond one infamous night where the majority of the crowd probably didn’t understand what we were saying (long story), the show always works.  And the great part of live performance is it feels like a new show every night because different people find different things hilarious.  It’s a fun, relatively low pressure hour and a half.

For the revival I spent a lot less time researching my characters and more time learning about the people (not as actors) who I’ve been working with.  I want to say it was Robert Downey’s character in Tropic Thunder who brought up how every play and movie you do becomes its own little family unit for a little while just by nature.  You spend a lot of time with the same people and you become more comfortable around each other and see everyone’s quirks and appreciate what makes each of these people unique.  If you’re really lucky, you might even like them!  (No, really, that is NOT a given.  Think about your family or where you work.)  So long story short, I have some type of attachment to everyone you’ve seen me share the stage with at some point this winter, I genuinely like all of them, and hey, if we work together again down the line too, well, that’s just icing on the cake.

Man, I’m rambling tonight, what was the point I was trying to get to?  Oh yeah!  Last shows of the year Friday and Saturday night!  Come get your laugh on, and maybe even shed a few sentimental tears.  Not me of course, because I don’t cry, but you get the gist of it…

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