Late Night with ‘Natalie Portman’!

  Now the fun really begins… Three shows of ‘Natalie Portman: the Musical!’ this weekend, the first one…Midnight Tonight! This ensemble of ours is a well oiled machine; if you’ve seen the show in our previous incarnation, you should come back to see the newest modifications.  The beauty of sketch comedy and improv is every […]

You’re Whole

  Alright gang, here’s one of the projects I had the honor of being a part of.  Insomniacs be ready to stay up, the rest of you, set your DVRs… Late tonight (or early Tuesday morning if you prefer) on Adult Swim will be the spoof infomercial, ‘You’re Whole’.  The show was created by Michael […]


  So what do you get when my personal favorite filmmaker (Spike Lee) does a documentary about my personal favorite artist of all time (Michael Jackson)?  You get BAD25, an absolute must see for all die hard MJ fans, and a well spent 2 hours for those of you who were fans of Mike at […]

My Relationship with Natalie Portman (the Musical)

  So how was my first run on an L.A. stage?  It’s been great.  Truly. Earlier this week, I was in more of my natural element: a television soundstage.  12 hour day (usually the minimum), even with digital technology, at least 45 minutes between each setup to (hopefully) capture five minutes of usuable footage. You […]

Natalie Portman: the Musical! Last Weekend!

Alright stragglers, this is it!  The last weekend to catch Natalie Portman: the Musical! So what do you need?  A nice review from one of my old stomping grounds? Fine, here’s what the Daily Trojan had to say: What’s that?  They were biased?!?  I didn’t even know they were in the audience!!!  Fine, how you like these LifeinLA […]

Advice from Denzel and a Site Update

  Once in a while, you sit back and you look at the decisions you made (and didn’t make) and you wonder in what ways you may be better off (or worse off).  And then I finally got my copy of GQ this month, which has a fantastic interview with Denzel.  The whole interview is […]

Natalie Portman: the Musical

  So…here is the project some of you have known I’ve been rehearsing and posting pics of… I am honored to be part of the cast of the Los Angeles run of ‘Natalie Portman: the Musical’.  As the title and the image above suggests, the play is a comedic look at the life of times […]