‘It’s happening.  It’s happening right now.’

As I’ve touched base with the people closest to me, that’s been the overall message about this year.  Everything broke right, the pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place, my confidence is peaking.  I feel like Neo in the pic above: you know you’re in the Matrix, you’ve been told ‘the rules’ over and over again, and then that moment comes where you ‘get it’ and everything slows down and you start writing the code the way you want it to be written.

How confident am I?  I know I’m going to forget someone obvious in this list of people who made this year a ‘benchmark’ year, but I’m still going to name as many of you as I can remember anyway:

The Fradieu Family, Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black, Lisa Parsons, the See Dad Run crew, J.J. Abrams, Brittany Garms and ‘my babies’: Tara, Gwen, Adarius, Sam, Lindsay, Garrett, Angela, Brianna, and everyone who helped with Natalie Portman, Natalie Portman, the Captain, the Kernel and Melissa, the Jefferson Family, the Thomas Family, the Harris Family, the Franks Family, Nathan, Kareem, and friends old and new in the Ummah, Sherie Hernandez, Jay Tan and my friends at U of MMA, Julia, Emily, and everyone at Silver Rose Productions, Christopher Nolan for finally giving my life story the big screen treatment it deserves, Jeff Galante and my friends at the Groundlings, Megan Sousa, and last but not least those of you in Interweb Land, many I will probably never meet in person, but you’ve taken an interest in my passions and my writing and have decided to keep up with me.  Trust, it is appreciated.

Have to end the last post of the year with this, since he’s one of my major influences and he came back to WWE tonight.  I LOVE IT!!!! IIIIIIIII LOVE IT!!!!!

Until 2013, Onward and Upward!