Definitely lost in the phenomenon of ‘Black Panther’ this weekend, Chris Rock has a new stand up special on Netflix.  As much as I love Chappelle, some of his silliness isn’t working the same way it did years ago.  ‘Tambourine’ is interesting just to see how Rock is adapting and changing as life […]

Song of the Day -‘My Michelle Amour’

  Planned to spend a week paying tribute to all the times the White House welcomed and encouraged the arts.  I fell behind on my movie reviews this year, but this is a nice substitute. All isn’t forgotten yet Jimmy with the way you fawned over you know who. But this is nice.  Happy MLK […]

My Heroes

  Many thoughts still, but as of this writing, we still have at least eight years to cover that. In the meantime, you most likely knew I’d start this week with a sketch from last night’s SNL.  It was just a matter of which one. I still have to pick my spots with the interwebs […]

Be Thankful

  I’ll detail some of the many things I’m thankful for before the year is over.  I’m undeniably very blessed. Enjoy the long weekend.  It’s been a hard week; maybe this bit from Dave (especially the second half) will make you feel a little thankful for what you have too:  

Song of the Day – ‘Springtime for Hitler’

  As I’ve been wading into the deeper end of the  ‘awkward/uncomfortable comedy’ pool, I’ve been going back and looking at some of the people who make me laugh and inspire me as a writer and an actor.  Mel Brooks of course is on that list. Do I think it’s a coincidence he crossed paths […]

My Favorite Chappelle Bit

  Starting your weekend with a laugh… If you asked me for one reason why this is my favorite Chappelle joke, it’s because from the first time I heard it, I recognized the ‘limo driver’ as myself (and all of my close friends…) Have a good weekend!

Eddie at the Oscars

  A week or so of rumors became official today when Eddie Murphy was named the host of next year’s Academy Awards telecast.  To one generation, Eddie is Donkey from Shrek and Norbit (sigh), but to my generation, Eddie was OUR stand up idol.  Richard Pryor was the pioneer, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle are […]