Definitely lost in the phenomenon of ‘Black Panther’ this weekend, Chris Rock has a new stand up special on Netflix.  As much as I love Chappelle, some of his silliness isn’t working the same way it did years ago.  ‘Tambourine’ is interesting just to see how Rock is adapting and changing as life goes on.

The leather jackets have been replaced with jeans; some of the youthful aggression has been replaced with the oft repeated ‘peace means a lot more now.’  Chris opens up about being a divorced dad and his own infidelity, as candid with the mike as I can ever remember him being.  But it’s still Chris Rock, the jokes come fast and are on point.  The meaning of ‘Tambourine’ is good, another sign of maturity that is part of evolving.

Definitely worth checking out; streaming on Netflix.