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Quincy Jones has had a career and a life that just won’t me duplicated.

EGOT.  He opened the door for Oprah to go to the next level.  He opened the door for Will Smith to go to the next level.  Nearly any creative I know would feel like his 90th biggest accomplishment would easily be their 1st.

So it’s impressive that ‘Quincy’ does such a good job of giving an overview for how much he’s done over the years while blending in enough of a personal element to balance the story out.

I could be hear all day talking about Q’s accomplishments, so I’ll just pick a few highlights:

  • Sinatra is one of my guys, so the chapter detailing their relationship was riveting for me.  How much respect Frank had for him, how Q was right there with Sammy when Sinatra spoke up about really integrating Vegas, the album ‘Sinatra at the Sands’ (a personal favorite).  All gems.
  • Like Kendrick said, my generation was introduced to Q through MJ.  The music nerd in me was equally happy to hear him credit Rod Temperton as one of the great songwriters, but getting behind the scenes footage of their professional bonding over ‘Off the Wall’ and ‘Thriller’ was cool.
  • I should have figured as much, but Q produced the concert that opened the Smithsonian African-American Museum.  Just seeing him walk through the pop culture exhibit and realize he produced or worked with damn near every person in the music section is another shake your head ridiculous moment; but seeing this man still producing massive events in his 80s is…humbling.

The film is co-directed by his daughter Rashida (side note: I’m far too young to know of a young Peggy Lipton, but seeing her with no context, my first reaction was still, ‘Oh, that’s Rashida Jones’ mom), and it’s well worth the two hour watch if you’re any kind of pop culture nerd.

High recommend.




The Universe is acknowledging I’m locked into my groove; it keeps sending me great clips of some of my theme songs.





Hope everyone had a good 4th.  I’ve mastered the art of not obsessing about work when I don’t need to be thinking about it, so I remain in my good place.

Quick thought on the new Jay-Z album.  Is it a masterpiece?  Eh, I think we need more than a week before we give it that.  But it’s definitely the best Hov record in a long time.  May turn into a turning point for hip hop (genuine grown folk lyrics).  But as I’m saying, we will see…

Been enjoying the blues the last few days, so we’ll start the short work week with two of the masters.





Lived to see another weekend!

Been full of joy the past couple days, in part I’m sure cause I’m squeezing in a quick vacation.  Short of blowing up the world, I’m not going to let *45 steal my joy for a couple of days.

So this is the right song choice for today.  To those who celebrate, Happy Easter.  Going to be a busy summer, see you on the other side.




It’s quarter to three
There’s no-one in the place
‘Cept You and me.
So set ’em up Joe,
I’ve got a little story
I think you should know
We’re drinking my friend,
To the end of a brief episode
Make it one for my baby, and one more
For the road
I’ve got the routine
Put another nickel in the machine
I’m feeling so bad
Can’t you make the music easy and sad
I could tell you a lot
But you’ve gotta be true to your code
Just make it one for my baby, and one more
For the road
You’d never know it, but buddy I’m a kind of poet
And I got a lot of things I’d like to say
So when I’m gloomy, won’t you listen to me
‘Til it’s talked away
Well, that’s how it goes
And Joe I know you’re getting anxious to close
And thanks for the cheer
I hope you didn’t mind my bending your ear
But this touch that I’ve found
Must be drowned or it soon might explode
So make it one for my baby
And one more for the road
The long
It’s so long
The long
Very long



Drove past the Capitol building with the lit up tree, so we’re starting this week with a little class.




Deep breaths.

That was my initial reaction when it occurred to me how much Arabic I have forgotten over the years.  It’s one (admirable) thing to commit to breaking your bad habits; it’s another thing altogether to really wrap your head around how much work you have in front of you.

So, the Buddhist influence kicked in. Take your mind off how far away the top of the mountain is, and focus on the hill you can climb right now. (And truth be told, even my meditation technique was comically broken.  I was in horrifically bad shape; not physically, but in almost every other way.  One of many reasons I appreciate this time to step back and reassess.)  So I corrected my meditation.  Once the muscle memory kicked in, it wasn’t as difficult as it seemed to relearn what I had lost.  But, none of this was ‘new’ information to me.  So I considered, ‘What has been taking up time and space that should be dedicated to more important things?’

This Ramadan for me was dedicated to ‘housecleaning.’  If I was in shock with how much information I forgot, I was truly embarrassed by how much junk occupied that space.  Literally and mentally.  Every weekend for the past month, I picked a different section of the Batcave and examined every single thing in it.  The people at Goodwill fell in love with me, which is nice, but I don’t imagine I’ll be giving away this many material things again until I jump to the next tax bracket.  I come home now, and it almost feels like I’ve moved.

Unpacking my mind was less taxing.  No surprise to you, but the Dark Knight enjoys his time off the grid quite a bit.  There were of course a few things serious enough for my people to tell me, ‘Hey, you need to read up on this right away (Brexit and Orlando to name two)’, but on the whole this month has been more ‘normal’ than Ramadans past.  I haven’t been a complete recluse, but I definitely have taken enough time to fix the things that were broken.

So we continue.  I can’t log on anymore without feeling like war is on my doorstep, but I press forward.  On one of my rare nights out this month, I was driving home from a friend’s show.  As I came through Hollywood, I passed by the Capitol Records building.  ‘In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning’ came on the radio at just that moment.  And all my problems disappeared.  In that moment, I was reminded, ‘I’m home.’  Nothing else mattered for a few minutes.  I was happy.

am happy.  I have a family, a ‘Fam’, and an endgame to finish.  I wish I could still point to Ali as a living example of what the best of us are, but he’s gone in that sense.  And I’m one of many who beyond Ramadan have committed to take another step forward, to be more disciplined, to hold myself more accountable at all times, to be the best living example I can be for this beautiful community I represent.

One day at a time. One moment at a time.

Eid Mubarak!


In one of my hard driving phases (as you all know now), so we’re going Easy Listening to start this weekend.





Frank! Live in Vegas! With the Count! And Quincy in the background pulling the strings!

(OK I’ll be quiet and enjoy this…)