Updated Best TV Shows of the Modern Era

Alright, now that our time with Dick Whitman has ended let’s update the list.  As always, just one man’s opinion: 1. The Wire – And still the Champion of the World!!!!!  Time has made Season 4 (the kids) even more impressive and Season 5 (tying up character arcs, but…the newspaper?) more of an albatross.  As […]

Updated: My 5 Favorite TV Dramas

  Alright, I’ve watched the finale twice.  Just my personal opinion (like everybody else), but here’s my list for the best TV dramas in this ‘Golden Age.’ 1. The Wire I’m not Whitlock, but I do agree this one still stands alone.  I know even among Wire nerds I liked season 2 (the working class) more than […]


Some of the marketing I’ve seen for Undefeated has said it’s one of those movies that makes men cry.  If you’re a regular reader here, you already know that I didn’t cry.  But I will admit there were a couple of moments in the film where my allergies really started acting up… This year’s Oscar winner for […]

An Evening with Aaron Rahsaan Thomas

The Malik Aziz Foundation held its annual Black History Month dinner on Wednesday in an undisclosed location in Beverly Hills.  This year’s Guest of Honor was Aaron Rahsaan Thomas, who participated in an interview, followed by a Q&A with our benefactors, trustees,  and their guests. The following is a transcript from the untelevised interview session. […]


  Alright gang, my special guest for this year’s Oscar predictions is Aaron Rahsaan Thomas.  For those of you who don’t know him or haven’t met him, here’s a quick bio: Born in Kansas City, Kansas, two years at Morehouse and then graduated from the University of Kansas, masters from the University of Southern California […]


Hey gang, I’m leaving L.A. for a week so no blogging til the middle of the month.  Going to approve the final cut of the short in KC, and make an overdue trip to the East Coast.  I’m sure I’ll be full of stories when I get back.  A few random notes in the meantime… […]

Friday Night Lights – “Leave No One Behind”

  While the general rule around here is to avoid namedropping, there are exceptions to every rule.  Friday Night Lights is one of the few shows on network television that I make a point to watch, and it just started its third season a couple weeks ago.  If you have DirectTV, you (could) have caught […]