Alright gang, my special guest for this year’s Oscar predictions is Aaron Rahsaan Thomas.  For those of you who don’t know him or haven’t met him, here’s a quick bio: Born in Kansas City, Kansas, two years at Morehouse and then graduated from the University of Kansas, masters from the University of Southern California Film School.  Everyone assumes we’ve been aces since kindergarten (perfect Hollywood cliche), but the truth is we met the year we graduated from KU.  Not counting the 200 million side joints we’ve cooked up over the years, Thomas was the writer of peeping tom ( my USC grad project) and a producer on my last short Lady In My Life.  He’s also built up a pretty nice Hollywood resume over the years: Soul Food, Cover, Friday Night Lights, Numb3rs, and now CSI: NY.  As a matter of fact, he wrote and produced this week’s episode featuring Danica Patrick (premiering tonight (Wednesday)) on CBS.  In the pic above, Aaron is on the right of Danica, the cat on the left is the director, Matt Earl Beesley.

So those are the basics.  For those who haven’t experienced the ‘Art Fradieu’ style, you’ll get to check it out once we start our Oscar preview shortly…

In the meantime, support my ace and watch his episode of CSI:NY tonight!!!

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