1st Annual Art Fradieu Oscar Chat

  (Due to our busy schedules, Aaron and I couldn’t do our prediction column as promised.  But since there was no way in hell either of us would miss the show live, here is our marathon conversation over IM.  Enjoy…) MALIK: Welcome to the 1st Annual Art Fradieu Oscar Running Diary.  My pre-show thoughts: While I like to think […]

Inglorious Basterds

  This one’s been out for a minute, but with the Oscars next weekend I made a point to check out Inglorious Basterds tonight.  I’m not a Tarantino fanboy, but as a film fanatic that man’s craftmanship cannot be denied.  The two Kill Bill movies are still two of my favorites of the past ten […]

Crazy Heart

  Crazy Heart tells the story of an alcoholic, washed up country singer who is inspired to try for one last chance at redemption.  In the lead role, Jeff Bridges comes off as more than believable in the lead role of the singer whose real name we only hear briefly in the third act.  As […]


  Alright gang, my special guest for this year’s Oscar predictions is Aaron Rahsaan Thomas.  For those of you who don’t know him or haven’t met him, here’s a quick bio: Born in Kansas City, Kansas, two years at Morehouse and then graduated from the University of Kansas, masters from the University of Southern California […]

Return of the Macks!

  Those of you who have followed my path for years know that, especially during Oscar season, I’ve done tongue in cheek Oscar previews with my frequent colloborator, Aaron Rahsaan Thomas.  Me and Thomas have been chatting the past few days; we’re going to bring the Art Fradieu 2010 Oscar Preview here over the next few […]

The New Year

A few different things going on as 2010 gets into full swing… For those of you who come by for the film reviews, I’ve been invited to post my reviews on 7tavern.com.  A relatively young site like this one; their angle revolves around gathering the reviews from bloggers like myself in all types of formats.  […]