Inglorious Basterds


This one’s been out for a minute, but with the Oscars next weekend I made a point to check out Inglorious Basterds tonight.  I’m not a Tarantino fanboy, but as a film fanatic that man’s craftmanship cannot be denied.  The two Kill Bill movies are still two of my favorites of the past ten years.  I’ve heard a few references to Basterds being Tarantino’s best film…I don’t know about that, but it might be his definitive film.

Like I said, not a fanboy, but one thing I’ll give the man is that he’s created his own motifs over his career that you recognize no matter what story he’s telling: Samuel L. Jackson cameo, feet closeups, a cringe-worthy use of the word n!gger (spoken by Joseph Goebbels no less!), and fantastic, fantastic dialogue sequences.  As flat out silly as this film is in premise (is there such a thing as Jewspoitation?), there are some great scenes of dramatic tension and throwaway dialogue that will (sadly) inspire more copycats and second rate storytellers who will try to mimic his style moreso than create their own.

Christoph Waltz was fantastic.  He looks to be the favorite to win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar, and he wouldn’t be the most unworthy winner.  Not that I expect him to be anything like the character he played, but he certainly made playing the Nazi looked like fun!  I think Tarantino knows this isn’t his year as far as Best Director or Best Picture goes, but give the devil his due, when people complain there aren’t enough ‘entertaining’ movies being made these days, you certainly can’t blame him, can you?

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