2012 Oscar Preview, Part III: The Actors

And now, let’s talk about the gents… Best Actor in a Supporting Role Who I Want to Win: The film is earning its own cult, but Nick Nolte was the heart of Warrior, and turned in one of his better performances. Who Should Win: One of the rare times where who I want to win is I think should […]

American Muslim IX: The Mountain

  So, I want to make my first feature length film… Step one, as is always the case, was creating the script.  I caught parts of Clooney on the Actors Studio over the weekend, and I agree with his sentiment that you can take a good script and make a bad film out of it, […]

The Descendants

In various interviews, I’ve heard George Clooney say that his attraction to this project was in playing a character who didn’t have all the answers.  The main character of ‘The Descendants’ is the anti-Danny Ocean so to speak.  It’s a fine line for Clooney to walk on professionally; most actors will get jaded or resentful […]

The Ides of March

George Clooney’s latest, ‘The Ides of March’, is about a young idealistic campaign manager who finds his ideals challenged and must make the choice of whether to stick to his guns or ‘play the game’.  It’s a good film and I’ve gone on record of being someone who drinks the Clooney Kool-Aid. But having said […]

What are My Favorite Movies?

So awhile back my friend @thecheesefry turned me on to Flickchart, and I promised after I ranked 1000 films (a solid number I think for anyone who calls himself a film geek) that I would post what my favorites are. The question I used when ranking was this, “It’s Sunday afternoon, there is nothing on […]

Cedar Rapids

  My friends at AMC Independent were nice enough to invite me to an Intimate Screening of the film “Cedar Rapids” this week.  The film, which played at this year’s Sundance, stars Ed Helms as a small town insurance salesman sent by his office to represent the company at a convention in the big city. […]

Golden Globes 2010 Predictions

2010 has gotten off to a crazy start, so I’m posting my Golden Globe predictions to start the week.  I doubt I’ll see any more of the films between now and Sunday, so away we go… Best Screenplay – Motion Picture Who I’d Like to Win: The Hurt Locker.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if […]

Up in the Air

  Written and Directed by Jason Reitman Starring George Clooney Jeremy Osbern – Rigging Lighting Techinician Michael Stoecker – Rigging Grip (and yes, Jeremy and Michael drove straight to St. Louis to work on this film from the set of my film so I’m shouting them out here) I’ll try to keep this one short […]

Inspirations – George Clooney

  Enough people have picked up on this one both off screen (see the Photos section) and on screen (the short and some of my past roles) that I might as well acknowledge it.  While I’m just another branch off Stella Adler’s ‘Method’ tree, and my social consciousness started with Malcolm, there are also multiple […]