Video of the Day – ‘You Make My Dreams’

  First song this week is a Hall of Famer. A filmmaker friend is trying to recreate the sequence from ‘500 Days of Summer’ (what triggered the song in my mind). But I’m old enough to be connected to this song to this cheesy ass video.  3 minutes of perfection here, I smile wide every […]

Song of the Day – ‘Kiss On My List’

  A Public Service Announcement for my fellow Angelenos: Number one of my best concerts ever is Prince at the Forum.  Number two is Stevie at the Bowl. These guys at the Bowl is number three. And they’re playing there again next month. Well worth the price of admission if you haven’t experienced them live. […]

Song of the Day – ‘You Make My Dreams’

  The best concert I’ve been to on the West Coast was Prince at the Great Western Forum a couple years back.  There’s no question about that. Second on that list would be CougarFest, or as it was advertised, Hall & Oates at the Hollywood Bowl.  Glad I was able to clear that show off […]

I Love L.A. – #10 The Hollywood Bowl

  While there are no shortage of good concert venues in the City of Angels, I’m especially partial to the Hollywood Bowl.  For one, like many of my favorite spots in this city, it’s meant to be enjoyed outdoors and takes full advantage of that.  Reason Number 2 is while its location has caused more […]