Song for Valentine’s Day #1: ‘You Make My Dreams (Come True)



I’m looking at a list of 25 songs I could have used for Valentine’s Day.  Since I’m in the mood, let’s choose two.

A while ago, my buddy requested I use this one for when me and the Mrs. walk into the wedding reception/after-party.  Of course, my naturally rebellious gut reaction was, ‘Yeahhhhhhh, sure.  If I marry Zooey Deschanel, consider it done.’

But you know what?  This might be, MIGHT BE the most infectious pop song of its time.  I’ve heard this in commercials, movies, everywhere.  I watched them play this live at the Hollywood Bowl a couple years ago.  So it should be ‘overdone’ for me by this point right?

Honestly, I still light up like a Christmas tree as soon as I hear the opening hook.

So I’m absolutely shimmying into my after-party to this if she’s down.


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