‘Thor: Ragnarok’

  So we all agree this was fun right?  Good.  So this will be an ‘actor’s review’… If one thing bothered me consistently, it was Idris Elba.  Not as an actor or a character, but ‘how is Idris Elba the movie star the sixth wheel in this?’  Having said that, I’m sure one ‘third sequel […]

‘The Screen Guild Awards’

I don’t know who/if there’s a A-list movie or TV star in this cast, but I’ll be damned if between the writing and the cast this hasn’t been an above average SNL season. Consistently good at ‘raising the stakes’ on the skits; and it seems like they’ve been more willing than they have in recent […]

‘Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom’

The first thing that struck me as I watched this film is how this man’s life, this man’s real life, would be completely unbelievable if presented as a fictional character.  This adaptation of his autobiography is epic when presenting the African continent, and claustrophobic when showing his Mandela’s decades in prison.  It’s as solid as a […]

‘Beasts of No Nation’

Fukunaga is the auteur and Idris is the name you recognize on the poster, but ‘Beasts of No Nation’ belongs to Abraham Attah. ‘The Wire’ and ‘City of God’ both excel in showing you how children with no hope can become stone cold killers. ‘Beasts’ asks an even more somber question: ‘What if it’s complete […]

Get Caught Up on ‘Luther’

  As promised, a couple of political comments to start the week: First, I heard a couple of people mention this last week, but after seeing some clips, Secretary of State Kerry’s face…does appear to be…a lot…smoother?  OK. Also, one of my first bosses in this town, Alec Baldwin, is apparently going to be joining […]

American Muslim, Volume VI

  I’ve spent quite a bit of time the past few weeks profusely thanking the people around me.  Calling friends, hanging out, sending cards: doing right by those who have done right by me.  Nothing extraordinarily good or bad has happened to me (yet), but the desire to be grateful has hit me.  Depending on […]


As you can probably guess, I know much more about the characters in the DC Universe than I do about the characters in the Marvel Universe.  When Iron Man came out a couple years back, I was as ‘blind’ to the character’s backstory as possible.  Thanks to my buddy Vahagn, I know a ‘little’ more […]