As you can probably guess, I know much more about the characters in the DC Universe than I do about the characters in the Marvel Universe.  When Iron Man came out a couple years back, I was as ‘blind’ to the character’s backstory as possible.  Thanks to my buddy Vahagn, I know a ‘little’ more about the Marvel guys now.  So I was ‘aware’ of Thor in his place in the Marvel universe but couldn’t tell you alot about him.

Speaking as ‘MovieGoer X who likes a good comic book movie without knowing everything about the character’, I enjoyed Thor alot.  The tone of the Marvel comics is similar, but I’ll start here: whoever is making the decision about the ‘tone’ of the Marvel films deserves major credit.  Like Iron Man, Thor isn’t trying to be The Dark Knight.  The first act jumps right into the absurdity of a ‘God of Thunder’ landing in present day America.  And it’s such a great play because when the movie gets heavy into the action in the second half, the audience is invested.  A part of me wants to get upset again on all the comic book movies who couldn’t get this right, but we’re still in a golden age for fanboys, so I’ll just sit back and enjoy it.

I’ll be honest; since the ‘mythology’ of this particular character doesn’t interest me much beyond understanding the ‘rules’ of his world.  I could have done without as much of that (outside of the humor of seeing Stringer Bell in a golden costume.  I’ve picked up that fanboys weren’t too crazy about that, but I guess Marvel felt like they could get away casting that role color blind).  The tie ins to the future ‘Avengers’ movie was MUCH more organic in this film than in the Marvel films before it; I’m actually looking forward to what they do with that now.

This came up in discussion after the film, but Natalie Portman owns the sci fi geek market so hard it’s absurd.  Her role here was ‘the girlfriend’, so I don’t think this will earn back to back Oscars for her. Whenever she comes back from motherhood, I’ll be very interested to see if she sticks with these kind of roles or goes in a different direction. The cat who played Thor absolutely killed it though; he even nailed the accent you would expect ‘Thor’ to talk in.  I’ll say it again: The Avengers movie is starting to shape up very very nicely…

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