Song of the Day – ‘Remember the Time’

  Happy MLK weekend everyone! Some of the Black Panther conversations I’ve had this week turned into ‘What other pop culture things felt like everyone had to see it right away (before we had social media)?’ Michael Jackson video premieres definitely were on the list, thus today’s choice (particularly with the cast, setting and director […]

Song of the Day – ‘If My Homie Calls’

So… I had an idea in mind…if the numbers look like this by the time I think the judges see it, I think I’ll be in good shape. And I asked you guys for help… And you guys blew past what I wanted in less than 24 hours.  I apologize for underestimating you. Anyway, go […]

‘Dear White People’

  First, the macro level: For my generation, we all looked up to Spike (with John and Reggie not far behind).  and in those days, it’s fair to say we all had some form of a ‘hero complex.’  Without getting into a much bigger conversation about black leadership in America, what we grew up on […]

Song of the Day – ‘If My Homie Calls’

  On the list of great 2Pac singles, this one (kind of understandably) is way down the list.  I only think I hear this once every couple years.  So I was still hyped when it came on the radio and I still knew all the words. And is that a young John Singleton in the […]

The Wheelhouse

  How about something fun for my last post of 2011? So 99 times out of 100 when I’m sent sides (an audition script), I can look at the product as a whole, look at where the character fits into the story, and build something from the ground up.  But there was one screen test […]


  Out now on video (and Netflix, where I got a hold of it) is one of the first films to give a perspective on being an (African-American) Muslim in the post 9/11 age.  Mooz-lum stars Evan Ross as a young man going into his freshmen year of college, trying to find the right balance […]