Video of the Day – ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’

The weekend is upon us. One of the little homies told me this morning, he’s about the positivity now, and I half jokingly told him, ‘Like Father, Like Son.’ But not joking at all, it made my day.   Spread love people.  It’s the Brooklyn way, and it’s my way. Have a good one folks.

Video of the Day – ‘Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down’

  Woo, this takes me back… I remember being in the DJ booth when this vinyl came in.  The Beginning of Puff the Solo Artist.  We were old enough to recognize the classic song Puff was sampling but were dancing too hard to be critics. Good times.  Bad Boy.  Can’t stop.  Won’t stop. Enjoy!  

Song of the Day – ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’

  State of My Union Sunday night.  I’m being told some of you look forward to the annual #MalikWeek posts.  So I should warn you ahead of time, I have a week of signature songs lined up for this space, but beyond that I decided awhile ago I was going more subtle this year.  I’m […]