Song of the Day – ‘I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You’

For a variety of reasons, the past few years I’ve only been in two cities: Los Angeles and Kansas City.  The ‘Reclaiming My Damn Life World Tour’ finally gets back on track in about a month or so.  Even if it begins in a place I’ve been too often, I still haven’t made that four […]

Song of the Day – ‘Me and Mrs. Jones’

On a weekend where my car decided to break down on me twice (or as we call it Los Angeles, ‘a death sentence’), one positive was I finally stumbled myself into one of our all jazz and blues stations.  Soundtrack of my life these days. I see you Cal State Long Beach!!! Enjoy!

Song of the Day – ‘Everything’

  So, as I made the transition from the Writer’s Need (‘this is the story I want to tell’) to the Producer’s Need (‘how can this be done in the most efficient way possible’), I looked at the story I had most recently written, and the comedy was there, but I wasn’t getting enough heart. […]

Song of the Day – ‘Me and Mrs. Jones’

  This song is part of the soundtrack of the show I’ll be doing for the next month, so it’s been on my mind. The original is the best (and we won’t be debating that) but I appreciate a good cover version when I hear it.  When I’ve done all I’m going to do, and […]