Song of the Day – ‘Everything’



So, as I made the transition from the Writer’s Need (‘this is the story I want to tell’) to the Producer’s Need (‘how can this be done in the most efficient way possible’), I looked at the story I had most recently written, and the comedy was there, but I wasn’t getting enough heart.  It was a weird but honest revelation.  The characters I like to play, the stories I like to tell, the people I model myself after, there’s always some heart in there.  So I came up with an ending with more heart.  And it was goooooood.  Actually, it was too good…

Because, now that the Producer has taken over, I had to ask myself, ‘Growth and ambition are necessary, but why are you moving so far away from something you’re both good at and you enjoy doing?’  (Do the young people still say ‘Stay in your lane’?)  Anyway, I didn’t have a good answer to that question so the goal remained but I went back to Square One.  Still comedy, still some slapstick in there, but underneath it there’s a sense of three dimensional characters.  So (at the moment at least) the Actor, the Writer, and the Director are all in good spirits.

Now that I’m back in my ‘smitten’ phase, guess what kind of song you get today?

(throwing on my blazer and using my ‘SNL host introducing the musical act’ voice…)

Ladies and gentlemen, being led by my son, Seal Aziz, here are the Carleton Singing Knights with an acapella version of Michael Buble’s ‘Everything’.

(leading you into applause…)


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