You all know who my team is.  But as you see above, my favorite player from my generation never played for the Lakers. An undersized guy among Giants.  Wears his flaws on his sleeve.  A natural born underdog, rebel, and non-conformist. ‘Iverson’ gives you all the highlights of what made ‘the Answer’ so appealing to […]

Thanks, Bean…

Now that it’s officially coming to an end, we can step back and appreciate the career of one of the best to ever lace them up.  As Adande and Durant noted, Kobe’s place will probably be best remembered as the bridge between Jordan and the current greats. Everyone will have their own ‘favorite’ moments. As […]

Song of the Day – ‘Sirius’

  Now, everybody in every sport goes nuts with the pre-game introductions. But this is the original, greatest introduction ever.  Even those of us who weren’t hardcore Jordan fanboys always got hyped for this. Enjoy!  

My Favorite Hoops Commercial

  The NBA playoffs are heating up, so it feels like a good time to post this one. I’m not the sneakerhead a couple of my homies are, but this is my favorite Jordan commercial by far.  Someone will eventually catch him statistically, but Kobe, LeBron, whoever you name, this is why they (and no […]

Five Down

  A year’s worth of great and not so great moments the first five months of 2012 for yours truly.  I’m on the upswing right now though, so we’ll see how successful I am with another seven months to go… So I start my (and your) week off with this goodie as I push forward. […]

The Most Important Film of Black Cinema

While we all have different ‘favorite’ films in black cinema, it is my argument, using the criteria I’ve established (relevance to black culture, the legacy or shelf life of the project after the initial release, the actual craftmanship of the filmmaking, the degree to which the film was noticed/recognized by the mainstream, and the Apollo […]