Thanks, Bean…


Now that it’s officially coming to an end, we can step back and appreciate the career of one of the best to ever lace them up.  As Adande and Durant noted, Kobe’s place will probably be best remembered as the bridge between Jordan and the current greats.

Everyone will have their own ‘favorite’ moments. As someone who definitely saw more of the day in day out regular season games than most NBA fans, today’s clip goes back to a game that, I’ll always remember watching live, and like many Laker fans screamed ‘THIS MUTHAF&&&A!’ at the top of my lungs. Twice. And yes, for those of us wired to enjoy the silence that comes from shutting people up as we enjoy the love of our supporters…this is one of the best.

The setting: Portland. Last game of the season. With a win, the Lakers secure the second seed and the Pacific Division.


And thanks for the memories Kobe.

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