You all know who my team is.  But as you see above, my favorite player from my generation never played for the Lakers. An undersized guy among Giants.  Wears his flaws on his sleeve.  A natural born underdog, rebel, and non-conformist. ‘Iverson’ gives you all the highlights of what made ‘the Answer’ so appealing to […]

Say Goodbye to Bean…

Don’t plan for this to be a weekly thing, but these past two causes are things I dig so… On his way out the door, Kobe is using his goodbye game as a way to raise money for a few of the foundations he attaches his name to.  For a Lakers fan and a guy […]

Thanks, Bean…

Now that it’s officially coming to an end, we can step back and appreciate the career of one of the best to ever lace them up.  As Adande and Durant noted, Kobe’s place will probably be best remembered as the bridge between Jordan and the current greats. Everyone will have their own ‘favorite’ moments. As […]

Song of the Day – ‘I Love L.A.’

Now that the NBA Draft lottery has concluded, let’s first take a live look in at Knicks headquarters… And now let’s go to the live look in over on the Best Side in Fredo Buss’ office! LOOK AT THESE WOMEN! AIN’T NOTHIN LIKE THEM NO WHAIR! ENJOY!!!!

Across the Universe

  I made my annual trip to Griffith Observatory this weekend.  I saw a show that wasn’t playing on my last trip, and as usual I marveled at how big the Universe is, and how small we are, and how much we still don’t know. I walked outside; darkness had fallen.  I looked out over […]

So I Won’t Have to Keep Answering These…

  This weekend went beyond my expectations so we’ll delay the music for a day.  I’d say from Christmas to now I’ve seen 80 to 90 percent of the people I care about, and certain questions keep coming up repeatedly.  So here’s a quick Frequently Asked Questions post for the other 10 percent of you […]

American Muslim – Volume I

In my opinion, some people have been put on this Earth to drive people apart and to pull others down into their insecurities and misery.  I, on the other hand, feel that I’ve been put on this Earth to remind others of the connections between us.  Conflicts are inevitable, but ultimately, in between our disagreements, […]

Where We’ve Been/Where We’re Going

  Today the hip hop nation takes pause for 2Pac’s birthday.  He would have been 39.  It’s a strange reality to me to know there’s a generation who know of 2Pac through videos and old footage, but who didn’t live through his peak years. Like some but not all, I had a love/hate relationship with […]