The Dwight Howard Trade – Devil’s Advocate Lakers Fan


Well, since we won’t get Vetoed out of a deal this time, we in the Laker Nation have started daydreaming again about getting back into the Finals next year.  I was in the minority apparently in the group who were Andrew Bynum fans, but I won’t deny the logic in trading the 2nd best center in the league for the best center in the league.  So Opening Night we’re trotting a starting lineup of Nash, Kobe, World Peace, Gasol and Howard.  Undeniably impressive but what could go wrong?  Well…

  1. He’s Dwight Howard.  That’s right, I haven’t so quickly forgotten the past 12 months.  Or the majority of his career for that matter.  Yes, he’s never had teammates this good, he’s a statistical giant.  As funny as his Kobe impression was, I’m still in a ‘wait and see’ mode on him when the going gets tough.  And from what I hear, he’s still going to test the free agent market (which I can’t knock him or any player for, it’s their right, but still…)
  2. His Hall of Fame teammates are past their prime.  In Nash’s case, way past his prime. In Kobe’s case, for those of you who don’t watch every game, last year’s series against the Thunder illustrated that even Kobe can’t turn it on at will the way he could have even a couple years ago.  On paper, I think this team is better, but I do remember going through a very similar dance the summer Gary Payton and Karl Malone came here to team with Shaq and Kobe.  That team was too talented to not be in the Finals, but they still lost.  (And to be honest, I wasn’t that upset about it since I couldn’t stand Karl Malone.)  One more…
  3. What if World Peace snaps at the worst possible time?  Look, I love the guy, but who among us is really saying, ‘No that would NEVER happen!’  Really?  Have you already forgotten when he tried to elbow James Harden’s teeth straight?

So all that aside, I’m hoping for the best obviously.  Just trying to temper the enthusiasm until they get on the court.  Bring on football for now.


One thought on “The Dwight Howard Trade – Devil’s Advocate Lakers Fan

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    I contemplated writing a post this week about my frustration with the Lakers when I realized I already wrote it HALF A YEAR AGO! #thebatmanpreparesforallcontingencies

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