Quincy Jones has had a career and a life that just won’t me duplicated. EGOT.  He opened the door for Oprah to go to the next level.  He opened the door for Will Smith to go to the next level.  Nearly any creative I know would feel like his 90th biggest accomplishment would easily […]

The Most Important Film of Black Cinema

While we all have different ‘favorite’ films in black cinema, it is my argument, using the criteria I’ve established (relevance to black culture, the legacy or shelf life of the project after the initial release, the actual craftmanship of the filmmaking, the degree to which the film was noticed/recognized by the mainstream, and the Apollo […]

Most Important Black TV Shows – #6 Oprah

  Yup, time to break out the big guns.  The Oprah Winfrey Show has been a daytime staple for over twenty years, its host/star now on a first name only basis across the world.  Oprah doesn’t really need a huge introduction, does she?  Let’s move to the tale of the tape… Relevance:  While her detractors […]

Most Important Black Films – #16 The Color Purple

Based on the critically acclaimed novel, The Color Purple was an equally popular film that received its fair share of critical acclaim.  On to the tale of the tape… Relevance:  The storyline of black life in the South in the early 20th century would be enough for this category.  The inclusion of the film’s author and the film’s […]