2011 ArtFradieu Oscar Live Commentary

Aaron Rahsaan Thomas and Malik Aziz share an unique, common background.  Both young men are natives of Kansas City, Kansas, graduates of the University of Kansas and went to grad school at the University of Southern California.  They both grew up in the ‘golden age of hip hop’ and share a passion for films. For […]

Oscar Preview 2011 Part III

  Best Picture Personal Favorite:  You know something?  For all the crying about the lack of creativity in Hollywood, I looked at the list of nominees and can say I really enjoyed half of the films and really liked most of the rest.  I’m a Nolan fanboy so I have to standup for Inception, but… […]

Oscar Previews, Part II

  The Lead Actor categories… Best Actress Personal Favorite:  I’m a self professed geek and snob, so who else but Natalie Portman? Seriously though, one of the first DVDs I ever bought was The Professional. There are certain athletes you feel like you grow up with, watching their career from college to retirement; Natalie is […]

Oscar Preview 2011, Part I

  I’ve got quite a lot going on so I can’t promise I’ll finish this, but I have to at least throw out a few predictions for the Oscars this weekend: Best Supporting Actress Personal Favorite: Hailee Steinfeld had a star making turn in True Grit. Part of the history of the Supporting categories are […]

The King’s Speech

  Inception was the most entertaining film, The Social Network was the most clever film, but if The King’s Speech wins Best Picture in a couple weeks, I won’t be surprised.  It’s one of those films where all the elements are top notch.  If I pitched you a movie about Facebook and a movie about […]

Black Swan

  Actual conversation in the bathroom while the closing credits were still going… Dude 1: “You just come out of Black Swan?” Dude 2: “Yeah.” Dude 1: “What the hell was that?” What that was, my friends, was a Darren Aronofsky film.  Visual, trippy, and probably the best third act I’ve seen in the past […]

The Fighter

To paraphrase the Sports Guy, the ‘underdog boxer’ genre has probably been worn dry.  Like the gangster genre, boxing has created some of the greatest films ever made (with the Rocky series and Raging Bull immediately coming to mind).  The standard is ridiculously high.  I go with that lead in to say The Fighter is […]

The Kids Are All Right

The opinions I’ve heard about The Kids Are All Right have run the gamut from ‘great indie film’ to ‘whatever word is the opposite of misogyny.’  It got a Globe nomination for Best Screenplay and on the whole I’ve heard good things so I had to check it out. I don’t know whether this is […]

True Grit

I’ll start by saying this: Westerns aren’t my genre.  I ‘respect’ the Coen Brothers films while not necessarily calling myself a fan of every film they’ve done.  Now all that said, I liked this remake of True Grit. I caught myself laughing in the first 30 minutes at Jeff Bridges going into the “alcoholic Dutch […]

The Town

The Town is one of the movies that’s been hanging around all year and has a shot at a Best Picture nomination next year now that they’ve expanded the field to 10 films.  A friend on Twitter referred to this flick as Set It Off for white folks, and I get where they got that […]