The Town

The Town is one of the movies that’s been hanging around all year and has a shot at a Best Picture nomination next year now that they’ve expanded the field to 10 films.  A friend on Twitter referred to this flick as Set It Off for white folks, and I get where they got that analogy from.  Both films follow a heist crew with members who want to get out, but as they say with that lifestyle there’s no retirement, only jail or death…

Ben Affleck does another solid directing job here; I wonder how much of it is choice and how much of it is what’s put in front of him, but he certainly has the ‘Boston crime drama’ genre down to a tee.  Jeremy Renner got a Globe nom for his supporting work as the ‘loose cannon’ of the crew.  I think I’m in the minority here but I was noticeably bleh about this one.  Don’t get me wrong, he did a great job with the accent and the ‘a-holeness’ of the character, but as someone who’s seen a lot of his work, this particular performance didn’t stand out more than the others.  I heard Affleck’s director’s cut of this film was great though, so maybe there’s more in that cut that I didn’t get out of the studio version.

More reviews coming soon…


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