‘Justice League’

  DC finally got the formula right for the most part.  Now can they get the general goodwill of the fanbase back? To the degree you can put away what came before it, ‘Justice League’ is actually enjoyable and has some fun moments.  For this generation, Superman has never felt more like Superman, the Flash […]

Batman: the Telltale Game

  First and foremost, it’s not the Arkham series.  That’s still the standard for Batman (and probably all superhero) games. But Batman: the Telltale Series is great in all the ways that it’s different.  It’s not a button masher at all, but still very much a Batman game. The beauty of this game is in […]

Song of the Day – ‘A Dark Knight’

  Been considering changing my Twitter bio again. A out of respect for Warners and Batfleck and the new direction/generation, and b, because, well, I’m not really a ‘silent guardian’ anymore (not on Sundays anyway…) Some things will never change though. Enjoy.  

The World’s Finest?

So… I had a well thought out, perfect analysis of the Batman vs. Superman trailer.  Then one of the homies sent me this less than an hour ago, and I knew I had to tap out.  I can’t top this… Enjoy!

‘Gone Girl’

  Yikes… That’s a pretty good one word reaction to Gone Girl, right?  Trading notes with my male friends, it’s definitely up there with Fatal Attraction and Unfaithful on that ‘Married Man Worst Fear’ list. What can I say without spoiling the film?  If you’re a David Fincher fan, I can’t imagine you will be disappointed.  I’m reminded again he’s on […]

The Prince of Gotham’s Thoughts on Ben Affleck…

  First, like everyone else, I’ll admit to being shocked by the announcement.  Good job by those who know to keep it under wraps until it became official. Now, let me preface my feelings by repeating some things I’ve said earlier in other places… 1. The movie is ‘Man of Steel 2’. Whatever mild surprise […]


  Frontrunner for the Best Picture Oscar now?  Well, definitely not for Best Director (argument for another day).  Anyway, Ben Affleck’s latest (and best) effort has all the ingredients: ‘based on a true story’, top notch supporting cast, a little bit of Hollywood making fun of itself…all the pieces are there. The story itself is […]

The Town

The Town is one of the movies that’s been hanging around all year and has a shot at a Best Picture nomination next year now that they’ve expanded the field to 10 films.  A friend on Twitter referred to this flick as Set It Off for white folks, and I get where they got that […]