The Prince of Gotham’s Thoughts on Ben Affleck…



First, like everyone else, I’ll admit to being shocked by the announcement.  Good job by those who know to keep it under wraps until it became official.

Now, let me preface my feelings by repeating some things I’ve said earlier in other places…

1. The movie is ‘Man of Steel 2’.

Whatever mild surprise I had about how quickly Warners is ‘rebooting’ Batman, this is still not his film (no matter how heavily they’re leaning that way in the marketing).  This is (now more than ever), the second Superman film that’s setting up the inevitable Justice League film so DC can try to cash in on the brilliant, decades in the making plan that Marvel has executed to perfection.  Along those lines…

2. This is not a continuation of the ‘Dark Knight Trilogy’.

I took my whole lifetime to this point, but I have my Batman (and my Alfred and my Commissioner Gordon and my Bane and my Joker).  I was never so naive as to think Warners was going to let the golden goose that is Batman just die off, so I made peace with that long ago.  I knew ‘Batman’ would be back someday, didn’t you?  Now on to the casting itself…

Was Affleck the first guy I had in mind when I thought about who they would recast as Bruce?  Nope.  But here’s the thing I haven’t heard enough people bring up yet: he’ll be ‘Batman’ but do we really know if he’s going to be playing ‘the Dark Knight’?  Do you know how many different versions of Batman there are?  Not saying Affleck isn’t capable of playing that version, but what if for the Justice League, they’re going for the version of Batman most of us knew as little kids (where Bruce’s background and ‘why he was Batman’ was explained in one sentence and not treated like a lifetime trauma?)  Ben might be perfect!

So wait and see, that’s all I’m saying.  It’s still a Boy Scout movie though, all I’m saying…

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