‘Andre the Giant’

  ‘Andre the Giant’ is not one of the all time great sport docs (that’s become an increasingly hard club to break into the past ten years), but it’s a necessary watch for wrestling fans. Featuring a ton of new footage and the approval of the WWE, the doc does well telling the story of […]

‘Nature Boy’

  The first 30 for 30 that focused on professional wrestler did not disappoint.  For the hardcore fans, Ric’s biography is well known but the joy comes from hearing so many of his Hall of Fame contemporaries (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, the Undertaker, Hogan) speak of his obvious strengths and weaknesses. If you’re coming in […]

The Art of the Heel Turn

  So let’s mix my circles a little today… Here’s a big part of my continued appreciation of wrestling.  It’s what made C.M. Punk, Ric Flair, and the man above Shawn Michaels all names you have to consider as the all time best: the ability to be convincing as either a complete self centered jackass […]


  Knowing how to where a suit (preferably custom tailored from Michael’s in Kansas City if possible).  The Aviator shades.  Yelling through the lisp.  Being a A plus ‘Hollywood jerk’ who is SO ridiculous and over the top with the trash talk he’s pretty much daring you not to laugh with him. Yeah, that’s the […]

What’s Next for John Cena?

  I’m good for one wrestling column a year, and Wrestlemania is this weekend, so… The draw this year for Wrestlemania is the return of ‘the People’s Champ’, the Rock, as the host of Wrestlemania (don’t ask what that means exactly, nobody really knows.) Anyway, immediately upon returning, the Rock referenced having a showdown with […]

We Can Build On This!

  So for those who hadn’t heard yet, ‘Lady In My Life’ was not selected for the finals for this season’s BET’s ‘Lens on Talent’ contest.  Nevertheless, it’s been a nice ride hasn’t it?  Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been reminded in the best possible way how many people I’ve met over my […]

Inspirations – Nature Boy Ric Flair

  “Whether you like it or don’t like it, learn to love it!  WHOOO!” As a kid growing up in Kansas City, we’d make frequent trips to my parents birth state of Louisiana, where most of my aunts and uncles reside.  My mother’s hometown would be considered rural South; I lived there for a short […]