The Art of the Heel Turn


Shawn Michaels c

So let’s mix my circles a little today…

Here’s a big part of my continued appreciation of wrestling.  It’s what made C.M. Punk, Ric Flair, and the man above Shawn Michaels all names you have to consider as the all time best: the ability to be convincing as either a complete self centered jackass (heel) or as the good guy who will win ‘the right way’ and overcome all the odds put in front of him.  If that sounds like a description of being a ‘character actor’, that’s exactly what it is.  Physical character acting, but still.

Just like with ‘real’ actors, most professionals can nail one extreme or the other pretty good.  But only the really good ones can play either role, depending on the story they’re telling.  And, as today’s clip demonstrates, the really, really good ones can play both roles in the scale of three minutes.

While we’re here, let me also pay respect to the man who ‘put more people over’ than anybody in the business: good old J.R.  YouTube has illustrated this now every time there’s a great knockout or dunk, but nobody sold the emotion of the story like Mr. Ross.



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