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So, let’s talk about it.  If you haven’t seen it yet, last warning to stop reading…

I liked it.  I’ve also heard the full gamut of reactions: some people think it’s the best episode since “Empire”, some have called it absolute trash.  I’m in the middle obviously, but I think there are some valid questions to be asked.

First though, what I liked…

  • Subtle Nostalgia: Luke referring to Palpatine as ‘Darth Sidious’.  R2 using the ‘Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi’ video to bring Luke back into the fold.  And I don’t mind saying the eyes got a little misty when Master Yoda showed up.  There’s a lot of nice little moments like that.
  • Taking Chances: I love ‘the Empire Strikes Back’; I had legitimate concern they were going to just run all those story beats with the new characters.  But to their credit, pretty much from the beginning, had no idea where the story was going and couldn’t predict what would happen next.  Did every gamble work?  Hold that thought…
  • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren: We know who the bad guy is for Episode IX.  One of my nerd complaints about the Sith (which hasn’t been done in the movies until now) is we never see the Apprentice’s lust for power go full coup d’etat on the Master.  As far as the Dark Side of the Force goes, Kylo has no peers now.  Having said that…

Let’s get to the complaints which I think have some merit:

  • Great ideas, questionable execution: Kylo is the Supreme Leader now but…would someone as powerful as Snoke not sense the lightsaber two inches from him is being pointed at him?  Luke sensed Ben had the dark side in him but…would a Jedi Master really consider killing anyone in his sleep?  Let alone his star protege? Let alone his nephew?  I…don’t…know…
  • The Last Jedi: It’s really obvious now the story hole that’s been created by Carrie Fisher’s passing (RIP).  Still, this is the ‘Skywalker Saga’.  The people still aren’t fully invested in Ben Solo, and Rey is…not a Skywalker?  OK well…have fun with all that, JJ Abrams.
  • Finn: I’ve had a couple days to think about this now.  Adam and Oscar are clearly the ‘I’m a serious actor, not a movie star; only sitting on the end of Kimmel’s couch because Disney will break my kneecaps’ types; Jedi Bae is set up to have Keira Knightley’s acting/modeling career if that’s what she wants (and I really don’t know that she does, another conversation for another day).  Boyega is following Harrison Ford’s path: not the main character of Star Wars, but using the franchise to make himself the lead in his own franchise(s).  And that’s how you play the game.  But Finn, man…  His intro in this movie is half comatose, walking around in a leaking water bottle; the casino stuff was super cool but maybe not necessary (the idea/execution thing again), and when it looked like he was sacrificing himself by flying into the battering ram…I felt myself getting angry.  I brushed off the ‘Magic Negro’ critiques from ‘Awakens’; this time I felt it before the credits rolled.  We’ll see if JJ gives him a lightsaber again for Episode IX.

So a lot of nitpicks, but overall I still enjoyed it.  Go figure.

I guess the last word is I have more concern now for what Episode IX will be then I thought I would…




A lot of thoughts about the past 12 months (I know that’s a huge understatement).  We’ll get to that next week.

We know what this weekend is.  That review is coming Sunday night.  This scene from ‘Rebels’ speaks to me alot personally and is a nice animated version of how I feel (and also why Kenobi is my doppleganger in that mythology).



‘Rogue One’



The most hardcore Star Wars fanboy I grew up with hasn’t seen this yet, so out of respect for my boy I won’t go into full spoiler detail here…

I will say this off the bat: I’m on record as being big on Daisy Ridley, and black actors stick together, I want John Boyega to have all the success in the world.  Having said all of that…

Rogue One is the Star Wars movie a lot of us thought we were getting last Christmas.  If for no other reason than it’s not a remix of earlier storylines or iconic moments, it’s fantastic.

A New Hope is the foundation that spawned a never ending franchise.  The Empire Strikes Back is (possibly) the greatest sequel ever and (still) the best Star Wars movie to many of us, because, as logic would dictate, empires way more often than not dominate and crush anyone who challenges them (which is why they’re empires).

But ‘rebellions are built on hope’ and this worthy prequel to Episode IV delivers.  I’m not the first or last film geek to say this but it’s true: a lot of the joy around this movie is being reminded, like with Empire, that it’s reasonable to make a really good genre film that ‘happens to be set’ in the Star Wars sandbox.  Word is George Lucas genuinely loved this one, and I believe it.  The circle of influence feels complete; in a good way this has traces of Seven Samurai in it.

Lucas also loves the CGI as we know.  My nitpick is there.  Maybe the generation younger than me will just roll with it as normal, but for me: when a human character appears who I know can’t possibly be there, I get pulled out of the movie.  Actually, let me rephrase that: there’s a one scene free pass.  When it happened in the already classic final sequence of the movie, I cheered as loud as anyone.  When it was integral to the story, and someone kept appearing in scene after scene…it kept reminding me I was watching something that wasn’t real.  But like I said, I’m old, so my nieces and nephews will probably care less.

On the whole though, Disney’s bought themselves some goodwill for the stand alone anthology films a lot of us are still cynical about.  I wouldn’t be upset if Rogue One got an 8 or 9 seed if there are 10 Best Picture nominees come Oscar time.



It’s the weekend, and not just any weekend…

You’re getting a movie review Sunday night.  You’re first two guesses don’t count…

Image result for palpatine gif

See you then.  Enjoy!




So it’s the weekend. But truthfully…

The silliness hasn’t really come back to me yet.  The timing isn’t right to be publicly lustful.

So I leave you with this clip from Star Wars Rebels.  Read into it whatever you like.

Have a good weekend.



Five spoiler free thoughts for those of you who are going to see Captain America: Civil War this weekend:

  1. Up until it happened, if you would have told me they figured out a way in modern times to make Captain America a bad ass, I would have laughed in your face.  But here we are.
  2. The debut of Marvel Batman. Chadwick is great, they made the suit look great. We know how it starts but there’s still a TON of things left unsaid that sets up his own film. (glancing in another studio’s direction…)
  3. As much as every part of me wanted to roll my eyes at the Star Wars reference…I laughed.  it was pitch perfect.
  5. To review: understood Iron Man’s motivation.  Understood Cap’s motivation.  Understood villain’s motivation.  Funny in several spots. Successfully introduced more than one new hero. Knew when to be funny, knew when to be serious. First must see movie of the summer.

Also, my updated in retrospect review of Batfleck v Boy Scout and all future DC attempts to play catch up until further notice:

Have a good weekend everybody!

Triumph & Star Wars


After all these years, this still brings tears to my eyes.  And it’s timely again.



These guys do good work, and they nailed it again…


A Few Thoughts…


Let’s see here…

Alright. In no particular order…

  1. Rey…I still haven’t seen it officially stated, but we all believe she’s descended from that Natalie Portman – Carrie Fisher bloodline right?
  2. Almost a disturbing lack of Luke so far…fair to think they’re going literal with the ‘Obi-Wan’ parallels (loner on his own, who may only be making a ‘last cameo’?)
  3. Oscar Isaac is getting pretty close to getting that ‘envy/admiration’ lifetime pass from me. This flick might finally push it over the top.
  4. Speaking of lifetime passes, I’m always going to have a little bias toward the director who I know from personal experience has a clear vision for doing these Hollywood blockbusters. (Being a Starfleet Captain was gravy, but I’m all in if you need me for a day in this Universe, JJ!)
  5. He looks outmatched and that clip, but still, seeing Finn Aziz holding that blue lightsaber.  Man, man, man…

(So let’s see, I’ve got an opening weekend screening, the Christmas screening with my hometown homies, probably a screening with the Office, and I need to just go by myself once to judge it as a film geek.  That’s four.  Might as well round it up and plan to see this five times before the year is out.)

Oh. You’re still here? Did I say that last part out loud?


Well, it’s been a fun week for the film geeks among us, hasn’t it?  Star Wars, Fantastic Four put out good trailers, Avengers 2 is in ‘let’s start making concrete plans’ distance, and that other big one…that one deserves its own post (tomorrow).

One that I imagine doesn’t have one tenth of the budget that the big boys have, I wanted to make sure it’s on your radar.  Dope, coming out this summer. And…

(cigarette dangling out the side of my mouth and talking in my uncle voice)

That girl look just like her mamma don’t she? You know that’s Lisa’s girl right there!