Video of the Day – ‘Moonlight’

  Barry Jenkins’ trailer dropped this week, and I’m about to hop back onto HBO for Issa, and pretty high odds I’ll have some thoughts on Spike’s new movie next Sunday, and Tessa is…Tessa… So this is as good of a video to start the week as any. Enjoy!

‘Sorry to Bother You’

  Had a couple of days now to digest ‘Sorry to Bother You’.  I still have questions, but maybe that was part of the point when it keeps going deeper into the surreal?  For now, let me touch on the things I liked: There’s a line early on where the main character is told ‘You’re […]

‘Dear White People: Volume 2’

  I don’t think Justin Simien will take any offense to me saying each incarnation of ‘Dear White People’ has been an improvement on the one before it. The latest season (or volume as it were) builds on Season 1’s re-introduction of the characters and settings of Winchester University, and creatively expands on them in […]

‘Thor: Ragnarok’

  So we all agree this was fun right?  Good.  So this will be an ‘actor’s review’… If one thing bothered me consistently, it was Idris Elba.  Not as an actor or a character, but ‘how is Idris Elba the movie star the sixth wheel in this?’  Having said that, I’m sure one ‘third sequel […]

‘Mississippi Damned’

So I caught all the warnings, telling me to ‘prepare myself’ before I watched ‘Mississippi Damned.’  Whether it’s my age or my own secrets, I was less shocked than some by the ‘darkness’ of this movie.  But I’m incredibly glad it exists; without going off on a tangent, many of the issues brought up in […]

‘Dear White People’

  First, the macro level: For my generation, we all looked up to Spike (with John and Reggie not far behind).  and in those days, it’s fair to say we all had some form of a ‘hero complex.’  Without getting into a much bigger conversation about black leadership in America, what we grew up on […]