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$1.2 Billion. You’ve all seen it by this point but as usual won’t be too detailed…

Someone half joked they should go ahead and give Kevin Feige the Thalberg at the Governor’s Awards this year (which is basically the Academy acknowledging someone has had a Hall of Fame career as a producer). It’s a funny line but I mean… he’s got to get it someday right?

We’ve all been trained to think of the great film series as trilogies (Star Wars, the Godfather, the Lord of the Rings, etc.) We’ve just witnessed a nearly universally agreed upon great film series told over TWENTY PLUS FILMS. It’s absurd. We’re all even conditioned now to not get up until after all the credits are rolled. They’ve changed the movie going experience.

As far as this film on its own, ‘The Dark Knight’ is the last time I remember everyone (film geeks, hardcore fan boys, casual fans, adults, kids) ALL being this happy with a sequel walking out of the theatre. The nitpicking can begin after repeated viewings, but as I started telling people Friday morning, ‘It’s as fast a three hour film as I can remember.’ From the first scene to the last, you’re in. The payoffs feel earned all the way through.

What’s really scary now is what’s next. The last ‘Skywalker’ film is coming out this year, and it’s lot of ‘Well OK’ right now. This generation of Star Wars is supposed to be ‘we have women and diverse leads now’ but the MCU can very easily take that thunder. DC seems to have found its way by finally saying ‘Don’t worry about a ‘Universe’; this is this story and sure we’ll reference other characters in this world from time to time.’ You’re telling me the next generation of Marvel films can’t start being true one-off stories (and probably do it much better with an already well established Universe)? My, my, my…

Genuinely looking forward to seeing it again in the theatre…




Well then!

So the usual primer: I know my comic books and comic book films, but really, knew next to nothing of Deadpool.

(Which probably made me the target audience for this film.)

Just my opinion, but I think you have to go back to the first ‘Avengers’ to find a comic book film this funny and that ‘knew what it was.’

Most of us recognized Ryan Reynolds had ‘it’, at least a decade ago.  The women loved him, he’s quick witted, can’t say I’ve ever had a bad story about the guy, ever (which is borderline impossible in this town).  And he’s had some ‘shots’ but they never…quite…worked out.

Until now.

Short non spoiler setup: A mercenary learns he has terminal cancer and volunteers for a ‘secret project’ that can potentially cure him.  And he’s cured all right.  Mutated to the point he heals from any wound inflicted on him.  Down side…he looks like a burnt piece of shit.  The ‘story’ of the film is a fairly straightforward ‘revenge’ story where he seeks out the people responsible for ‘curing/destroying’ him.

The real joy of the movie is the number of in-jokes for the comic book (movie) crowd.  No one is safe: not the studio (Fox), not the comic giant (Marvel), not Ryan Reynolds’ um…past attempts to headline a comic book franchise (Green Lantern).  And that’s not even half the jokes.

(Especially if you’re like me) if you’re a little fatigued at this point by the genre, you have to see this film.  It’s worth it.

The Avengers

A thousand different points I could get to with this one, but let’s start with the most important one: I’m not a Marvel guy at all; I hadn’t heard of the Avengers until 2 years ago when a comic book buddy of mine (Hi V!) demanded I read some of the comics when I had NO idea who Samuel L. Jackson was at the end credits of the original Iron Man.  We have all summer now to get to the comic book character I’m most closely attached to; this weekend (at least) is about the Avengers so let’s get to it…

As a non-fan/casual fan, I thought it was a really fun movie.

Most of the heroes have had their own individual movies leading up to this one, but here’s a quick breakdown based on the poster: Iron Man is like an even more smart ass Bruce Wayne, Thor is a Norse God, Captain America has been um, ‘transported’ from World War II times, the Incredible Hulk, come on, you’ve come across him in some TV show, movie, or cartoon before this, and Scarlett Johansson is the seductive Russian chick in the catsuit.

The action sequences are what you need out of a summer blockbuster, what really set this film apart was that it was genuinely laugh out loud funny more often than you would expect, and finally, finally, FINALLY we got an above average Incredible Hulk movie.  One of my all time favorite movie going stories (which isn’t even mine) is of a kid yelling ‘Dammit turn into the Hulk!’ while sitting through one of the slow paced ‘reboots’ that we’ve gotten in the past 10 years.  I won’t ruin any of the Hulk’s moments in this film, but he was the definite scene stealer.

The Avengers is already breaking records, so no need for a recommendation here.  But truth be told, not bad.  Not bad at all.