Well then!

So the usual primer: I know my comic books and comic book films, but really, knew next to nothing of Deadpool.

(Which probably made me the target audience for this film.)

Just my opinion, but I think you have to go back to the first ‘Avengers’ to find a comic book film this funny and that ‘knew what it was.’

Most of us recognized Ryan Reynolds had ‘it’, at least a decade ago.  The women loved him, he’s quick witted, can’t say I’ve ever had a bad story about the guy, ever (which is borderline impossible in this town).  And he’s had some ‘shots’ but they never…quite…worked out.

Until now.

Short non spoiler setup: A mercenary learns he has terminal cancer and volunteers for a ‘secret project’ that can potentially cure him.  And he’s cured all right.  Mutated to the point he heals from any wound inflicted on him.  Down side…he looks like a burnt piece of shit.  The ‘story’ of the film is a fairly straightforward ‘revenge’ story where he seeks out the people responsible for ‘curing/destroying’ him.

The real joy of the movie is the number of in-jokes for the comic book (movie) crowd.  No one is safe: not the studio (Fox), not the comic giant (Marvel), not Ryan Reynolds’ um…past attempts to headline a comic book franchise (Green Lantern).  And that’s not even half the jokes.

(Especially if you’re like me) if you’re a little fatigued at this point by the genre, you have to see this film.  It’s worth it.

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