“Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years”

  Ron Howard’s tribute to the rise of Beatlemania, is a good movie, if not a great one. ‘Eight Days a Week’ is made for the hardcore Beatles fan, which is its blessing and its curse.  If you’re invested in the mythology of the Fab Four, you know this story, and you’ve probably seen 90 […]

Song of the Day – ‘Oh Darling’

  Oh! Darling, please believe me I’ll never do you no harm Believe me when I tell you I’ll never do you no harm Oh! Darling, if you leave me I’ll never make it alone Believe me when I beg you Don’t ever leave me alone When you told me you didn’t need me anymore […]

Song of the Day – ‘Golden Slumbers’

  Things are looking up and getting wrapped up in a way I can allow myself to think about the next #MalikWeek, which is already themed ‘Dark Knight of Cups’. As I’m in a high mood, treat yourself to another very, very lovely George Benson cover of a Beatles song. Enjoy!  

Song of the Day – ‘Long Tall Sally’

  I’ve been jamming to ‘The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl’ album all day.  Fantastic for many reasons, one of which of course is their live recordings are few and far between. One of the many reasons I admire the Beatles live recordings is when they covered someone else’s song, which was usually by a black […]

Song of the Day – ‘We Can Work It Out’

So, my plan coming out of Ramadan was for today to be the first ‘Soapbox Sunday’, where I’ll just talk about whatever’s on my mind. But last week was…yeah… So we’ll continue to monitor what’s going on.  God willing, nothing else that screams EMERGENCY goes down in the next seven days. Ideally, this week will […]