Song of the Day – ‘Oh Darling’

Enjoying seeing some of the results of the life I’ve worked for come to fruition.  Jogging to home plate with a smile. Happy. Excited. Romantic. So if you know me at all, you know we’re going into the weekend with a song (originally) done by one of two artists. You get two guesses and the […]

Song of the Day: ‘Start Me Up’

My hometown is obviously still in a ‘house money’ phase, but even the national media seems to be cautiously optimistic we have a reasonable chance to see the Chiefs win their first playoff game since Joe Montana and Marcus Allen were in the backfield. Yes.  It’s been that long. Haven’t been to Arrowhead in a […]

Song of the Day – ‘A Day in the Life’

  Stereo Williams posted the Hendrix-esque cover of this from ‘Across the Universe’ and many of you know when I hear either the original or a really good cover of one of my favorite songs, my world stops, so… And yes, I’ve seen the movie but the song didn’t strike me as much within the […]